NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsDr. Monaco is BY FAR the best doctor I have ever seen. She literally saved my career. I work as a model and Dr. Monaco treated me after a botched Juvederm treatment I got in LA. You do not want to see the before pictures (that LA place really messed me up!)….but I can tell you that after I saw Dr. Monaco I looked soooooo much better! She is very competent, professional but mostly kind. She walked me through every step of the process and took ample pictures in case the horrible LA place refused to refund my money (luckily they didn’t). I’m so excited to have found a doctor I can trust to keep me youthful for the years to come!

Manhattan Beach, CA

Dr. Monaco is an amazing plastic surgeon.  She is honest, thoughtful, caring and extremely talented.  Dr. Monaco performed a tummy tuck on me in September 2011 and I cannot tell you how pleased I am with the results.  Dr. Monaco gave me my confidence back.  You cannot put a price tag on that!

Momma M.
East Meadow, NY 

NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsDr Monaco is an A-list professional. I have met cosmetic surgeons all over the city and she is absolutely the most candid, ETHICAL, attentive, and highly skilled medical professional I have met. She takes time with patients and really listens. I first met her in 2007 when she was in a top fellowship program at one of the hospitals. At that time she told me I did not need the procedure I was consulting on. I went back in 2012, not only did she still have my 2007 records from BEFORE she was in private practice, she also discouraged me again from what she felt was unnecessary surgery. She does excellent work on fillers and more temporary cosmetic work, and I have heard nothing but raves about her surgical skills. She is truly impressive, totally cool and really someone you can trust to help you make timely decisions and invest wisely in your appearance. I would recommend consulting with her on any procedure you are considering. She keeps it real.

Liz. J

New York, NY

NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsDr. Monaco is amazing! I am so sensitive and get very nervous around needles and she makes it as painless and quick as possible! Dr Monaco also makes sure that I am more than happy with the results! She has even called me after my first filler treatment to see how I was doing!! What doctor does that!!? Great doctor all around. Wish she had an office downtown!!!Molly K.
Manhattan, NY

Before going to Dr. Monaco I used another physician for botox, juverderm and similar procedures.  I feel most comfortable with Dr. Monaco and recommend her highly to all.  Friends have used her for both medical and beautifying treatments.  She is caring, very professional and all are happy with the results.  She has patience to talk and listen to the patient.  I feel her prices are fair.  She has a wonderful bedside manner which is so important in her field.  Well she is a great find and am happy I was recommended to her through a friends.  

Manhattan, NY

NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsShe I typically see Dr. Monaco for Botox, Juvederm and photo-facial treatments. Dr. Monaco is a very knowledgeable, caring and kind surgeon who is as talented as she is artistic. She attentively listens to my concerns and answers all of my questions before performing any procedure. Dr. Monaco makes you feel very comfortable throughout the entire process. She cares about each patient as a person. She feels like a friend. She ALWAYS calls me personally within a few days following any procedure, no matter how small the procedure is, to see how I am doing. She’s also the only doctor that has given me her cell phone number that I’m at liberty to call at anytime in the event I have complications….which I’ve never had. I highly recommend Dr. Monaco.Jen B.
Manhattan, NY

NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsWorth every penny! I got my nasolabial folds filled up, the end result was natural looking, I looked younger and was very pleased. I got a minimal amount of swelling and no bruising at all, the injection in the parenthesis hardly hurt at all. she is very talented and actually let me show her where I wanted more volume instead of just injecting it. I didn’t get any bruising but if you’re considering doing your eyes I heard the eyes might get more bruising so I would be afraid to get them. But Restylane or Juvederm (I got Restylane) is great for nasolabial folds, very, very natural. Only thing is that I hope I would’ve had more money to buy more Restylane because I only got half a syringe and even with that the result was great but since my wrinkles are very long the next time I’ll be getting the full syringe. I will be definately be visiting her again.

Brooklyn, NY

NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsI have been a patient of Dr. Monaco’s for several years. She is absolutely the BEST plastic surgeon around. She is compassionate, honest and extremely skilled with her hands. I have recommended her to my friends and family. I would highly recommend her to anyone. Because of Dr. Monaco, I have gained tremendous confidence in myself!

Manhattan, NY

NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsBoth my friend and I have been devoted patients of Dr. Monaco.  We have both been to other doctors, but did not receive the care, kindness and superior service that we receive from her.  We both recommended many of our friends to her and they too were very satisfied. Once you go to Dr. Monaco your search will be over for a good doctor.  She also did medical procedures for friends and they too were pleased with her bedside manner.

I would recommend Dr. Monaco without reservation.

Manhattan, NY

NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsDr. Monaco is just amazing – she is by far the best doctor I have ever seen. Not only is she one of the best in her field, but she also always takes the time to give careful and honest advice. She really goes above and beyond!

Brooklyn, NY

NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsI went to Dr. JoAn Monaco for correction of ptosis. (eyelid covering half of my eye causing limited vision) they detached from eye muscle. Both my eyes were operated on.  They were excellent. Consulting with the doctor gave me confidence in my choice of surgeon. Dr. Monaco’s skill, concern, compassion and care are above beyond my expectations. She is the best.

Northport, NY

NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsDr. Monaco is a truly special, very gifted doctor. I have facial wasting from HIV and she performed a blepharoplasty (eye job) that was, in a word, perfect. In subsequent years, she has treated me with Radiesse. Apart from her talent as a doctor, she is a lovely person, reassuring, full of information, clear, precise, and engaging. I recommend her with enthusiasm..D.P.
Brooklyn, NY

NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsDr. Monaco was highly recommended by by urologist, due to a blotched laparoscopic surgery that was done to me on Dec. 2010.  Dr. Monaco advise me to return back to her office one year later.  Her advise was honest and very professional, while in her office I inquired about botox and I am so thrilled that I did!!  Needless to say I have been to her office a few times for botox and always leave her office very satisfied.  I will have my belly button fixed by Dr. Monaco this year.  So looking forward to getting it done.

Manhattan, NY

NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsMy good friend suggested Dr. Monaco to me. I had commented on how well-rested my friend looked, and learned that my friend might have been rested, but she had some botox and fillers done by Dr. Monaco to soften a few lines.  Dr. Monaco’s bedside manner is impecable.  Dr. Monaco is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and exercises excellent judgement both medically and aesthetically.  I trust Dr. Monaco’s judgement to create a ‘well-rested’ look without going to far.  I received excellent care from Dr. Monaco and her staff upon my first visit in 2010, and have been back several times for further treatment and consultation for another procedure.  I highly recommend Dr. Monaco. 

Floral Park, NY

NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsI am so glad to have found Doctor Monaco.  She is a caring and knowledgeable doctor that listens to her patient’s needs.  She listened, advised, explained my options and I could not be happier.  I had vertical lines between my brows and always looked angry…no matter how happy I was.  Now I look happy and relaxed.  She treated me with botox and I love it!  He staff is friendly and very helpful.  The office is immaculate…..another big plus!  Will never go elsewhere.J.R.
Jamaica, NY

NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsDr. Monaco is one awesome doctor! First off, as a patient, she makes you feel totally comfortable–probably more comfortable than any doctor I’ve seen. And, she’s awesome at following up with patients after visits. For example, after my last appointment, she contacted me several times via both phone and email as we were trying to figure out if the treatment was working for me as desired. WHAT AN ELITE….R.S.
New York, NY

NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsThey did eye surgery and eye lift for me. Dr. Monaco was prompt, attentive and showed real concern. She is very professional and gives exceptional results. She is a top notch doctor.

Medford NY

NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsI have been a patient of Dr. Monaco for about one year.  A friend recommended me to her practice.  Dr. Monaco has excellent product, procedure and bedside manner and knowledge.  Dr. Monaco is patient, kind, and reasonable.  She doesn’t try to talk you into more of anything, but rather, helps you decide what product(s) and what amount you want to create a more youthful look.  I got my first fillers and Botox from Dr. Monaco and wouldn’t think of going anywhere else!

Floral Park, NY

NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsAfter I lost over 125 pounds I turned to Dr JoAn Monaco to help me with the next part of my transformation. In a staged procedure I had a breast lift, thigh lift and abdominoplasty. To say that I am thrilled with the results would be an understatement. Dr Monaco is a true artist as well as a compassionate and caring surgeon. Her preoperative consultation was thorough and honest. She discussed exactly what she would be able to do for me and what I could expect after surgery. Dr Monaco and her entire office staff were wonderful. She was available to me and my husband, both before and after surgery, to answer any questions. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr JoAn Monaco. For me, she was the perfect surgeon to guide me through my body contouring journey.Linda R.
Manhattan, NY