For many, skin is an unappreciated asset until it begins to show the signs of age, sun exposure, genetics and lifestyle. A number of filler products can help counter wrinkles and loss of suppleness to the face while reducing the appearance of lines, creases and scars. For some patients, use of their own fat is appropriate. Chemical peels improve the look of visible skin imperfections, while laser techniques are available for skin rejuvenation and tattoo or hair removal. Injection of spider veins reduces the appearance of surface vessels.

NYC Plastic Surgeon ReviewsMy good friend suggested Dr. Monaco to me. I had commented on how well-rested my friend looked, and learned that my friend might have been rested, but she had some botox and fillers done by Dr. Monaco to soften a few lines.  Dr. Monaco’s bedside manner is impecable.  Dr. Monaco is knowledgeable, trustworthy, and exercises excellent judgement both medically and aesthetically.  I trust Dr. Monaco’s judgement to create a ‘well-rested’ look without going to far.  I received excellent care from Dr. Monaco and her staff upon my first visit in 2010, and have been back several times for further treatment and consultation for another procedure.  I highly recommend Dr. Monaco. 

Floral Park, NY

Benifits of Obagi

Obagi® The diverse Obagi® product line can be used to treat a variety of concerns including: fine lines, wrinkes from sun damage, premature aging, uneven skin, increased pigmentation and age spots, acne, freckles, red marks, coloration issues, liver spots (lentigines), acne spots, melasma/choasma, and Rosacea.  Obagi® skincare systems contain prescription-strength ingredients and can actually increase collagen production as well as stimulate newer, healthier cells in the skin. Obagi® products can be used in conjunction with fillers and injectables or on their own.

The company has been around for more than two decades and have popular anti-aging product lines including the Nu-Derm®System and the Obaji-C® Rx Sytem.  The Professional-C Serums™ provide a high dose of daily antioxidant protection against free radicals, which works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. The ELASTIderm® Eye Products use copper zinc malonate and blueberry extracts, to help restore the elasticity around your eyes and reduce the appearance of visible fine lines and wrinkles.  Their products contain Penetrating Therapeutics™: an Obagi® technology that helps drive the ingredients deeper into the skin.  The Obagi® Tretinoin Cream can reverse signs of aging and photo damage.

Read more about the benefits of Obagi® or contact our NY plastic surgery offices to find out if Obagi® is right for you.  

where to find NIA 24 in Manhattan

NIA24® Based on more than 25 years of research into the Niacin molecule, NIA24® was created using patented Pro-Niacin™ technology for skin rejuvenation. The NIA24® line of products work on all layers of the skin to stimulate DNA repair and build the skin barrier from the inside out. This line of products is only available at select doctors offices.

We offer the NIA24® products and Dr Monaco will customize your product needs based on the type of skin a patient has and the level of sun damage. This product line is very versatile for many types and ages of skin and is a wonderful complement for any anti-aging regimen.

Read more about the benefits of NIA24® or contact our NY plastic surgery offices to learn if NIA24® is right for you.

Laser Reserfacing New York

Laser Resurfacing Various laser techniques are available for skin rejuvenation, tattoo removal and hair removal.  Laser resurfacing is also available to help improve the appearance of acne scarring as well as excess pigmentation from pregnancy or genetics.  Laser resurfacing helps restore a youthful color to the skin while improving the overall texture and appearance.  Quick and painless procedures are available for hair removal, tattoo removal, sun damage, broken blood vessels, photofacials, and skin tightening.  Depending on the type of treatment, more than one treatment session may be required.  This is discussed during initial consultation. To learn more about laser resurfacing, contact our NY plastic surgery offices.

Chemical Peels NYC

Chemical Peels (Obagi Blue Peel, TCA, Phenol, Glycolic, Lactic Acid) Physician-administered chemical peels are designed to improve the overall appearance and health of a patient’s skin.  Layers of dead cells are exfoliated and replaced by new healthy skin.  Chemical peels are designed to improve the appearance of visible skin imperfections including fine lines and wrinkles as well as pigmentation irregularities.  There are various types of chemical peels that Dr Monaco performs and each treatment is designed for an individual patient’s needs. To learn more about chemical peels, contact our NY plastic surgery offices.

Spider Vein Cosmetic Surgery NY

Spider Vein Treatment (Sclerotherapy), Asclera ® Injection of spider veins or sclerotherapy is a cosmetic procedure that reduces the appearance of surface vessels that can occur in the legs or anywhere on the body.  The procedure involves the injection of a sclerosing solution that is injected directly into the vessel that causes it to slowly fade or disappear.  Veins traditionally fade within 7 to 10 days and the final results are often apparent in 2 to 6 weeks. To learn more about spider vein (sclerotherapy) injection, contact our NY plastic surgery offices.

Lasers, IPL, and Hair Removal

Lasers, IPL, and Hair Removal Using laser technology and intense pulsed light systems are the most innovative techniques for rejuvenating the appearance of a patient’s skin.  Various lasers and IPL (IPL (Photofacials and treatment of sun damage) technology are offered to our patients for skin tightening, improvement in the appearance of broken blood vessels and capillaries, improvement in the appearance of sun spots or areas of sun damage.  Photofacials are a fantastic treatment to help improve the overall appearance of a patient’s skin using the latest in pulsed light technology which has almost no down time or recovery. IPL can help improve redness, flushing and uneven skin tones.  Our IPL system is also FDA approved for hair removal that is safe and practically painless for all areas of unwanted hair depending on a patient’s needs.  To learn more about lasers, IPL, and hair removal, contact our NY plastic surgery offices.


Thermage Thermage is a radio frequency skin tightening technique that is used to rejuvenate the face and body.  Thermage has minimal downtown and is non-invasive for a quick recovery.  Dr Monaco uses thermage to help smooth imperfections and give better definition to facial features such as at the eyes, jawline or neck.  After one treatment, the skin is stimulated to grow new collagen to smooth the skin over time.  Treatments can be tailored for the eye area or jowls or even the abdomen or thighs after weight loss or pregnancy.  Thermage is clinically proven to be safe and fits into an active lifestyle for someone who doesn’t want surgery, doesn’t need surgery but just a small amount of tightening, or someone who doesn’t have downtime. To learn more about thermage, contact our NY plastic surgery offices.


Dermabrasion Dermabrasion is a doctor-administered technique for skin rejuvenation that scrapes away the superficial layer of skin to help treat fine wrinkles and superficial discolorations and smooth the overall appearance of the skin.  Dr Monaco performs this procedure is under local anesthesia and can be done in combination with a facelift or other form of surgery or laser treatment.  It is a procedure that is only performed by a physician and leaves the skin needing some time to recover during which the skin will be red and will act dry, needing moisture from a reliable moisturizer.  After recovery, the skin looks refreshed and rejuvenated and the fine lines are noticeably smoother with an overall more youthful appearance. To learn more about dermabrasion, contact our NY plastic surgery offices. 

Sun Damage and Broken Capillary Correction

Sun Damage and Broken Capillary Correction Both men and women can experience sun damage and broken capillaries from repeated sun exposure.  Even with routine sunscreen use, the skin will develop damage over the years from aging and the environment that can make it look dull, spotty and uneven.  Broken capillaries can appear around the nose or on the cheeks or chin which are difficult to conceal and make the skin have an aged appearance.  Using the latest in laser technology, Dr Monaco can create an individualized treatment plan to help reverse some of the signs of aging with either photo facials or laser treatments that target pigmented lesions, skin spots and broken capillaries.  Depending on the amount of sun damage, more than one treatment may be necessary but downtime is minimal and the results are worthwhile. To learn more about Sun Damage and Broken Capillary Correction, contact our NY plastic surgery offices.


Hyperhidrosis Hyperhidrosis is a medical term for sweating that exceeds the need to regulate body temperature.  It is a chronic condition of excess sweating that can cause dehydration and secondary skin infections from routinely wet skin.  Patients who suffer from this medical condition often times need to change their clothing several times a day.  This condition often times does not improve with powders and ointments.  Electrical stimulation (iontophoresis) is a technique that is sometimes used by other doctors where an electrical current is passed through the eccrine gland to decrease sweat production.  The effects of this type of procedure are unfortunately very temporary, sometimes only lasting a few hours.  Botox® is an FDA approved treatment for hyperhidrosis which can last several months.  The median duration of this treatment is 6.5 months but this depends on the individual patient.  To learn more about hyperhidrosis treatment with Botox®, contact our NY plastic surgery offices.

Treatment of scars

Treatment of Scars Dr Monaco spends a great deal of time helping patients with scars that have occurred from previous surgery such as c-sections or various types of trauma. There are many options for treating old and new scars with thousands of products on the market. Dr Monaco will tailor a scar treatment regimen to a patient’s needs depending on the type of scar, how old the scar is and location of a scar. Often times, scars can improve in appearance with simple treatments like physician dispensed products or silicone sheeting. For more challenging scars, Dr Monaco uses laser therapy to help fade and improve the appearance of scars before considering surgery to improve a scar. Each patient’s needs are considered when Dr Monaco creates a scar treatment regimen. Schedule your consultation today to see how your scar can be improved! To learn more about treatment of scars, contact our NY plastic surgery offices.