Radiesse® is a safe, long-lasting filler based on calcium hydroxylapatite injectable cohesive implant that is used for soft tissue augmentation. Dr Monaco uses this filler for various areas of the face in patients who have experience with fillers and have enjoyed the results previously. Radiesse® is a unique choice for patients as it is long lasting and has many uses depending on a patient’s needs. With one treatment session, patients will notice an immediate softening of wrinkles of their nasolabial area and other areas of the face. Many patients even request rejuvenation of the hands using Radiesse® as this has recently become in vogue and can be performed in one to two sessions.

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Dr. Monaco is a truly special, very gifted doctor. I have facial wasting from HIV and she performed a blepharoplasty (eye job) that was, in a word, perfect. In subsequent years, she has treated me with Radiesse. Apart from her talent as a doctor, she is a lovely person, reassuring, full of information, clear, precise, and engaging. I recommend her with enthusiasm.

Brooklyn, NY