Plastic Surgery Requirments

Are you a good candidate for plastic surgery?

The best candidates for plastic and cosmetic surgery are patients who are emotionally well-adjusted individuals with reasonable expectations. Good candidates have a thorough understanding of their surgery, the recovery period, potential limitations and potential complications. Good candidates are in good health, have a history of physical activity, and eat a healthy diet.

Being a good candidate for plastic surgery also means:

  • Having a healthy weight
  • Exercising regularly
  • Being emotionally stable
  • Having friends or family to provide support during your recovery
  • Being able to limit smoking, alcohol and caffeine intake
  • Being patient to allow the body to heal after surgery including allowing bruising and swelling to subside and scars to remodel
  • Accepting the disadvantages of cosmetic surgery including cost, discomfort, medical risks and recovery period
  • Understanding that plastic surgery cannot make a patient look 20 years younger nor can it vastly change a patient’s life
    A good plastic surgery candidate is well informed and is able to take personal responsibility for his or her own expectations for surgery.

    It is important to take the time to ask questions and become educated about a particular procedure before agreeing to have something done.